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  • ACLS Board Chair William C. Kirby’s new book, Empires of Ideas: Creating the Modern University from Germany to America to China is featured in the Asian Review of Books. The book details the history of the research university and its future, and the trajectory of which countries dominate global university rankings.
‘Can Chinese universities set global standards in the twenty-­first ­century?’…It is hard to think of anyone better qualified than William Kirby to delve into this question. Peter Gordon’s review of “Empires of Ideas: Creating the Modern University from Germany to America to China”
  • In Making Space for Justice: Social Movements, Collective Imagination, and Political Hope, Treasurer of the ACLS Board Michele Moody-Adams shows how social movements bridge the gap between political thought and political activism. She discussed the book in a July Q&A with Columbia News. Moody-Adams also recently wrote an article on “Coming to Terms With History” for The Raven.

I argue that most successful social movements produce engaged moral inquiry that deepens our understanding of the demands of justice by virtue of nuanced understanding of the experience of injustice.

Michele Moody-Adams

Columbia News

  • The paperback of Vice Chair of the Board Jimena Canales’ Bedeviled: A Shadow History of Demons in Science will be released in August 2022. It was reviewed in a number of publications, including Science Magazine.
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