Photo courtesy of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Program Overview 

ACLS administers the annual reporting, renewal, and regranting process for the 44 individual member institutions and three consortia that participate in the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program (MMUF), funded by the Mellon Foundation. Founded in 1988, MMUF is the centerpiece of the Mellon Foundation’s initiatives to address the problem of underrepresentation in the faculty ranks of higher education. For more on the history and current activities of the program, please visit the program’s website.

ACLS hosts a secure web portal through which MMUF campus coordinators submit annual grant reports and renewal requests; over time, the ACLS MMUF portal has been further developed and expanded to collect valuable program statistics and data and to allow for more dynamic and standardized program budgeting across institutions.  


The ACLS MMUF portal is only available for use by MMUF campus coordinators and university contacts. Please contact [email protected] with questions about portal access at your MMUF institution. 

MMUF Institutions

MMUF Consortia 

  • California State University Consortium 
  • Claremont Colleges Consortium 
  • United Negro College Fund (UNCF) Consortium 

Individual Member Institutions 

  • Amherst College 
  • Barnard College 
  • Bowdoin College 
  • Brown University 
  • Bryn Mawr College 
  • California Institute of Technology 
  • Carleton College 
  • City University of New York, Brooklyn College 
  • City University of New York, City College 
  • City University of New York, Queens College 
  • City University of New York, Hunter College 
  • Columbia University 
  • Connecticut College 
  • Cornell University 
  • Dartmouth College 
  • Duke University 
  • Emory University 
  • Grinnell College 
  • Harvard University 
  • Haverford College 
  • Howard University 
  • Macalester College 
  • Northwestern University 
  • Oberlin College 
  • Princeton University 
  • Rice University 
  • Smith College 
  • Swarthmore College 
  • Stanford University 
  • University of California, Berkeley 
  • University of California, Los Angeles 
  • University of California, Riverside 
  • University of Chicago 
  • University of New Mexico 
  • University of Pennsylvania 
  • University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras 
  • University of Southern California 
  • University of Texas at Austin 
  • Washington University in St. Louis 
  • Wellesley College 
  • Wesleyan University 
  • Whittier College 
  • Williams College 
  • Yale University