The 81 learned societies that are members of ACLS are national or international organizations in the humanities and interpretive social sciences. Each society is concerned with a distinct field of study, but all are involved in the promotion of research, scholarly publication, and education. Learned societies have been vitally important in setting standards of excellence in research, writing, and education.

The executive directors of ACLS Member Societies meet as the Conference of Executive Officers. The CEO comes together semi-annually to address concerns common to all in the community of humanistic scholars, particularly those issues related to maintaining and improving conditions for research, education, and communication among the scholars.

In summer 2021 ACLS developed and shared with the CEO its new Societies Action Plan, a list of seven commitments to short-term and long-term projects. This plan will continue to guide our work through 2024, the same time frame as our Strategic Priorities.

Learn more about applying for ACLS society membership in our FAQ and in the ACLS Policy Statement on Admission of New Constituent Societies.

All 81 ACLS Member Societies are linked to their profile below:

African Studies Association

Member since: 1990

American Academy of Religion

Member since: 1979

American Antiquarian Society

Member since: 1919

American Dialect Society

Member since: 1962

American Economic Association

Member since: 1919

American Folklore Society

Member since: 1945

American Historical Association

Member since: 1919

American Musicological Society

Member since: 1951

American Numismatic Society

Member since: 1937

American Oriental Society

Member since: 1920

American Philosophical Society

Member since: 1919

American Society for Aesthetics

Member since: 1950

American Studies Association

Member since: 1958

Association for Asian Studies

Member since: 1954

Association for Jewish Studies

Member since: 1985

Austrian Studies Association

Member since: 2017

College Art Association

Member since: 1942

Dance Studies Association

Member since: 1996

Economic History Association

Member since: 1967

German Studies Association

Member since: 1995

Hispanic Society of America

Member since: 1973

History of Science Society

Member since: 1927

Law and Society Association

Member since: 1997

Linguistic Society of America

Member since: 1927

Medieval Academy of America

Member since: 1927

Metaphysical Society of America

Member since: 1958

Middle East Studies Association

Member since: 1988

Modern Language Association

Member since: 1920

Oral History Association

Member since: 2014

Renaissance Society of America

Member since: 1958

Rhetoric Society of America

Member since: 2008

Sixteenth Century Society

Member since: 1990

Society for American Music

Member since: 1995

Society for Classical Studies

Member since: 1919

Society for Ethnomusicology

Member since: 1966

Society for Military History

Member since: 2010

Society for Music Theory

Member since: 2000

Society of Biblical Literature

Member since: 1929

World History Association

Member since: 2011