The Conference of Executive Officers (CEO) is composed of the principal administrators from each of the 81 ACLS member societies. The CEO serves as the primary vehicle for maintaining and enhancing relationships among the societies and between the societies and ACLS. The CEO holds semi-annual meetings to discuss substantive issues in the humanities and interpretive social sciences, as well as practical and organizational aspects of society management. The Executive Committee of the CEO sets the agenda for these meetings. Its chair serves as an ex officio member of the ACLS Board of Directors.

CEO Executive Committee
  • Ady Arguelles-Sabatier, American Anthropological Association (2027)
  • Lynnette Cook, ARNOVA (2025)
  • Lisa Fagin Davis, Medieval Academy of America (2026)
  • Beth English, Organization of American Historians (2026)
  • Stephanie Rowe, National Council on Public History (2025)
  • Alix Saba, African Studies Association (2027)
  • Jessica Turner, American Folklore Society (2027)

Fall CEO meetings are held in cities of interest as possible convention sites for member societies and are hosted by each city’s convention and visitors bureau. The 2022 fall meeting was in New York City. The location of the 2023 meeting was in Dulles, VA.

Certain fall meetings are designated “retreats.” The program for these meetings allows for focused discussion of topics that are of broad interest in the humanities community and that have significant implications for all of the constituent societies. Participants prepare materials aimed at a comparative understanding of the dynamics, histories, and trajectories of our member societies as they relate to the retreat’s focus.

Spring meetings are held in conjunction with ACLS Annual Meetings. The 2024 CEO Spring meeting was held in Baltimore, MD.