ACLS Affiliate Members are organizations and institutions, such as the Association of Research Libraries and the Federation of State Humanities Councils, whose goals and purposes are so closely linked to those of ACLS that a formal connection is desirable for both parties. Affiliate Members serve to increase the community and the effectiveness of those actively working on behalf of the humanities under the ACLS umbrella.

Affiliate membership offers a formal institutional connection with ACLS, which includes the benefit of working with the Conference of Executive Officers (CEO); ongoing contact with the ACLS staff on matters of interest to the scholarly community; and continued involvement in the crucial network of contacts with which ACLS works. Affiliate Members are invited to attend the ACLS Annual Meeting and meetings of the CEO, ex officio, at their own expense. They pay an annual membership fee of $1,200.

The Board of Directors approves requests for Affiliate membership. Each applicant is asked to submit a recent annual report and a statement explaining its reasons for seeking affiliation.  Applications must be received by September 1.

ACLS Affiliate Members