The ACLS Research University Consortium comprises a select group of Associate Members of the American Council of Learned Societies that have committed to providing additional financial support to ACLS. This set of prominent institutions plays a vital leadership role in helping to sustain and enhance the national infrastructure of humanities research. In 2001, 30 universities pledged 10 years of extraordinary support to the ACLS fellowship campaign ($50,000 per year from each institution). The initiative was renewed in 2011 and 2020, and over time the group has grown to 44 institutions. The aid provided has allowed ACLS to increase significantly the amount and number of fellowships we award to scholars annually. The Consortium has also served as a vital partner in the ACLS Emerging Voices Fellowships Program, with many member institutions serving as host institutions for fellows.

Representatives of Consortium member institutions meet regularly. These meetings provide vital opportunities to share and explore solutions in response to the most urgent issues facing the academy.

ACLS Research University Consortium Members