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In addition to highlighting the work of participants in the Luce Design Workshops and the Mellon-funded Leadership Institute for a New Academy (LINA), we welcome success stories of positive change within the academy from across the ACLS community. Please share what you are doing on your campuses related to institutional, programmatic, and curricular change at [email protected].


Anonymous, peer-to-peer advice on challenges facing faculty, department heads and administrators. This month: What to do about Professor Grump?


Nancy Cantor

The Rutgers-Newark Chancellor shared her talk “Taking an Outside-In Perspective on a Forward-Looking Academy” at the 2023 LINA Summer Institute.

Rethinking Tenure

Stephanie Kirk on the upcoming, “Rethinking Tenure Assessment in the Humanities: A Blueprint for Transformation and Innovation,” November 6, 2023 at Washington University in St. Louis.

Inspired Learning

Stacy Hartman: “What Can Undergraduate Innovation Teach Graduate Programs?” What if we took something else entirely as the starting point for designing doctoral programs?

Highlights from the LINA 2023 Summer Institute