In April 2019, board members, learned society leaders, delegates, associates and other friends of ACLS gathered at a festive dinner in honor of the centennial. Guests received copies of the centennial publication, The First Century, watched the centennial film, ACLS at 100, and heard from esteemed fellows Andrew Delbanco, William Kirby, Chair of the ACLS Board of Directors, Viet Thanh Nguyen and Laurie Patton, and from Mari√ęt Westermann of the Mellon Foundation, Pauline Yu, and Nicola Courtright, vice chair of the ACLS Board of Directors.
The achievements of ACLS over its first century required the initiative and dedication of its community. That work could not have begun without the discerning patrons who chose to invest in the knowledge enterprise. That dynamic partnership must continue. Today, with the support and collaboration of its peers and funding partners, ACLS has laid out bold plans to advance the pursuit and use of knowledge in the twenty-first century launching a $125 million Centennial Campaign