ACLS is pleased to share a select list of books published in the first half of 2022 by ACLS fellows and grantees, many of which developed from ACLS-supported research. These publications represent just a sample of the distinguished works authored by past and current fellows. They reflect a wide array of topics, from Cold War–era suburbanization in the US Pacific to the history and political impact of the LGBTQ+ community in Nicaragua.

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Transformative Black Feminism(s) Initiative by Treva Lindsey F’20


For Treva Lindsey F’20, tackling inequalities facing Black women, girls, and femmes continues to be crucial particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic as systemic disparities are revealed or increased. In 2020, Lindsey was awarded the Mellon/ACLS Scholars and Society Fellowship for her project, Transformative Black Feminism(s) Initiative, to partner with Zora’s House, a woman of color-centered co-working and community space and explore these issues.

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