On December 1, 2023, Forbes published “Some Of 2023’s Best Higher Education Books.” New titles by ACLS Board Member Peter Baldwin and ACLS Vice President James Shulman are included among the 19 biographies, handbooks, histories, forecasts, and memoirs highlighted by Senior Contributor Michael T. Nietzel on the list.

Of Baldwin’s Athena Unbound: Why and How Scholarly Knowledge Should Be Free for All, which argues for open access for circulating scholarly knowledge, Nietzel writes, “It’s a well-written title, with plenty of wit and insight along the way.”

On Shulman’s The Synthetic University: How Higher Education can Benefit From Shard Solutions and Save Itself, Nietzel notes, “[He] offers excellent insights into why change is so difficult at universities and describes how they can succeed—or fail—at their work.”

Forbes Best Higher Education Books of 2023
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