Marwan and Ute Kraidy stand in front of a cobblestone street with a red car and church steeple in the background.
Marwan and Ute Kraidy

ACLS is pleased to announce a new fellowship opportunity as part of the ACLS Fellowship Program, established this year by ACLS Board Member Marwan M. Kraidy and his wife, Ute Kraidy. The ACLS Marwan M. and Ute Kraidy Centennial Fellowship in the Study of the Arab World and Latin America will support scholars pursuing research in any field of the humanities and interpretive social sciences on the Arab and or Latin American worlds, with a special interest in supporting comparative or transnational approaches across these spheres.

Marwan Kraidy serves as Dean and CEO of Northwestern University in Qatar, Professor of Communication and Anthony Shadid Chair in Global Media, Politics and Culture at Northwestern University. Ute Kraidy is the Art Director for the Office of Institutional Advancement at Drexel University.

“Ute and I believe that ACLS does important and meaningful work,” said Marwan Kraidy. “With a total of 43 countries involved (22 Arab countries and 21 Latin American countries) and a history of migration and exchange between the two regions dating back centuries, there is a burgeoning community of scholars in the humanities and interpretive social sciences who are working in this area, and we are excited to foster their growth and research.”

The application deadline is September 28, 2023, 9:00 PM EDT for the 2022-23 competition.


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ACLS Fellowship Program

The longest running program in ACLS’s portfolio, the ACLS Fellowship program supports outstanding scholarship in the humanities and interpretive social sciences. In the most recent competition year, ACLS awarded approximately $3.8 million in support to 60 exceptional scholars.

Application Deadline: September 28, 2023

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