Michèle Lamont, member of the ACLS Board of Directors, writes about the implications of recent US Supreme Court rulings in the Los Angeles Times. The article, titled “Opinion: Yes, the Supreme Court has taken away rights and resources. But it’s so much worse,” explores how these decisions deprive historically marginalized communities of resources that improve their wellbeing and sense of belonging.

While the policy implications of these rulings have been thoroughly covered, we also need to pay heed to their repercussions for our collective quality of life. Michèle Lamont

Los Angeles Times

Lamont is a professor of sociology, African and African American studies, and European studies at Harvard University and the author of the forthcoming book Seeing Others: How Recognition Works — and How It Can Heal a Divided World. The book “makes the case for reexamining what we value to prioritize recognition—the quest for respect—in an age that has been defined by growing inequality and the obsolescence of the American dream.”

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Los Angeles Times

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