ACLS congratulates past fellows and grantees who have recently been honored with major awards and accolades, including a Pulitzer Prize. We applaud their vital contributions to scholarship and public understanding of humanity and human endeavors.

  • Jacqueline Jones F’95, G’77 won the 2024 Pulitzer Prize in History for her book No Right to an Honest Living: The Struggles of Boston’s Black Workers in the Civil War Era. Jones is the Ellen C. Temple Professor of Women’s History Emerita at the University of Texas at Austin and the past president of the American Historical Association.
  • Bobby J. Smith II F’21 has been named a 2024 James Beard Media Award finalist for his book Food Power Politics: The Food Story of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement.

American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Earlier this month, it was announced that Laurie L. Patton F’03 will become president of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences in January 2025. Three ACLS fellows were elected this year to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences:

  • Cora Diamond F’76
  • Gordon H. Chang F’13
  • Laura C. Otis F’97

Guggenheim Fellows

The 2024 Guggenheim Fellows also include previous ACLS awardees:

  • John F. Connelly F’97, F’96, G’93
  • Jefferson Cowie F’04
  • Vincent Lloyd F’15
  • Laura Marks F’94
  • Barbara Montero F’07
  • Martin Nesvig F’10
  • Sianne Ngai F’07
  • Anna Shields G’14
  • Christina Snyder F’11
  • Krista Thompson F’12
  • Emily E. Wilcox F’14

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