What is academic freedom? In the American context, it means: 

— Faculty and students at public universities are free to investigate, study, and teach without fear of government censorship.

— The state, in the person of elected politicians, administrators, and political appointees, does not determine hiring, evaluation, or curriculum content. 

— Faculty determine the curriculum, hire faculty, and evaluate the performance of students and faculty. 

The new bill proposed in the Florida legislature (HB 999) is a frontal attack on these principles. If it passes, it ends academic freedom in the state’s public colleges and universities, with dire consequences for their teaching, research, and financial well-being.

The American Council of Learned Societies and the signatories below protest this proposed legislation and call on citizens to recognize the danger it poses to higher education in this country. 

The promise of academic freedom has played a key role in the growth and strength of higher education in the United States. Thanks to the protection of the free discovery and exchange of knowledge and of faculty decision-making, American colleges and universities have long been the envy of the world. These institutions are valued for the basic and applied research that they conduct; for their role as anchors of industry and of local communities; for providing equitable access to opportunity, increasing over time, for those who have not had such access, including women, people of color, and first-generation college students; and for their capacity to prepare students to be thinking and feeling people in a world larger than their hometowns and states.

The bill also threatens to take higher education in Florida several steps backward in terms of access and quality. In a country where nearly half of all undergraduates receive federal financial aid, Florida’s loss of accreditation and of federal dollars would risk preventing thousands of students from going to college. The bill states that “banned” coursework and activities advancing diversity and equity cannot be offered even with independent funding: this bodes ill for fellowships and grants for faculty and graduate students.

Academic freedom means freedom of thought, not the state-mandated production of histories edited to suit one party’s agenda in the current culture wars.  

Events in the US and around the world lead us to expect that threats to academic freedom will increase in frequency. While ACLS cannot respond to every development on this front, we stand firm on the principles expressed here, and we commit to continue working in collaboration with others on constructive advocacy for academic freedom and faculty governance.  

*Regarding the “hiring” of faculty in the above description of academic freedom, ACLS recognizes the role of faculty in making recommendations for hiring, while the hiring contract is between the institution and the individual.

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Learned Societies and Higher Education Organizations

African Studies Association
American Academy of Religion
American Anthropological Association
American Association for Italian Studies
American Folklore Society
American Historical Association
American Musicological Society
American Philosophical Association
American Political Science Association
American Society for Environmental History
American Society for Theatre Research
American Sociological Association
Association for Jewish Studies Executive Committee
Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies
Association for the Study of African American Life and History
Association of Black Sociologists
Association of University Presses
College Art Association
Dance Studies Association
German Studies Association
History of Science Society
International Studies Association
Latin American Studies Association
Linguistic Society of America
Medieval Academy of America
Middle East Studies Association
Modern Language Association
National Council of Teachers of English
National Council on Public History
National Women’s Studies Association
Organization of American Historians
Rhetoric Society of America
Sixteenth Century Society & Conference
Society for Cinema and Media Studies
Society for Classical Studies
Society for Ethnomusicology
Society for Music Theory
Society for the History of Technology
Society of Biblical Literature
United Faculty of Florida
World History Association


Su’ad Abdul Khabeer, University of Michigan
Rachel Ablow, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Itty Abraham, Arizona State University
Victoria Ackerman, Western Carolina University
Cassius Adair, The New School
James Adams, Columbia University
Oluseyi Agbelusi, Syracuse University
Onwubiko Agozino, Virginia Tech
Sarah Alexander, University of Vermont
Samer Ali, University of Michigan
Barbara Allen, La Salle University
Gail Altman
Rachel Aluko, Lead City University (Nigeria)
Maira Alvarez, The University of Texas at Austin
David Ambaras, North Carolina State University
James Amelang, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Retired)
Virginia Anderson, University of Colorado Boulder (Retired)
Penelope Anderson, Indiana University
James Andrews, Pennsylvania State University
Michelle Angeletti, Florida Gulf Coast University
Carol Any, Trinity College
Jonathan Arac, University of Pittsburgh
Lauren Araiza, Denison University
Nicole Archer, Montclair State University
TJ Armstrong
Wendy Armstrong
Silvia Arrom, Brandeis University
Eric Ash, Wayne State University
Michael August, Chesapeake Public Library
David Austin, North Carolina State University
Jennifer Austin, Rutgers University
Craig Bach, Drexel University
Ana Bajzelj, University of California, Riverside
Emily Baragwanath, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Tiffany Barber, University of California, Los Angeles
Sotirios Barber, University of Notre Dame
Alessandro Barchiesi, New York University
Hannah Barker, Arizona State University
Gina Barnes, Durham University
Stephen Barney, University of California, Irvine
David Barney
Jeffrey Barnouw, The University of Texas at Austin
Jaimie Baron, Harvard University
John Basl, Northeastern University
Ross Bassett, North Carolina State University
Whitney Bauman, Florida International University
Kathleen Bayliss, Elementary School Teacher
Jean Beaman, University of California, Santa Barbara
Dolores Begley
Shari Benedict, New College of Florida Parent Advocate
Michelle Berenfeld, Pitzer College
Edward Berenson, New York University
Howie Berman, ACTFL
Lila Berman, Temple University
Rachel Bernard, Columbia University
Robert Bernasconi, Penn State University
Susan Bernofsky, Columbia University
David Berry, Essex County College
Michelle Bevilacqua, Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Kathleen Biddick, Temple University
Michelle Bigenho, Colgate University
Marcus Bingenheimer, Temple University
Debarati Biswas, New College of Florida
Deborah Blocker, University of California, Berkeley
Jeff Blodgett, American Association of University Professors Texas Conference
Uldis Blukis, Brooklyn College, CUNY
Stuart Blumin, Cornell University
Mary T. Boatwright, Duke University (emerita); Society for Classical Studies (President, 2019)
James Bobrick, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Matthew Boedy, American Association of University Professors Georgia Conference
Stephanie Bolesh, Parent of a student at New College of Florida
Alex Boodrookas, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Eileen Boris, University of California Santa Barbara
Beverly Bossler, Brown University
Alan Bowen, Institute for Research in Classical Philosophy and Science
Daniel Boyarin, University of California, Berkeley
Elizabeth Boylan, Barnard College
Mary Brabeck, New York University
Katherine Brading, Duke University
Karin Braunsberger, University of South Florida
Laura Bray, University of Oklahoma
Stephen Brier, CUNY Graduate Center
Kendal Broad, University of Florida
David Brody, University of California, Davis
Emily Brown
Wendy Brown, Institute for Advanced Study
Wayles Browne, Cornell University (Retired)
Matilda Bruckner, Boston College
Jenniffer Bruins
Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus, Wheaton College (MA)
Michael Buchler, Society for Music Theory/Florida State University
Brigitte Buettner, Smith College
Susan Burch, Middlebury College
Michael Burden, University of Oxford
Michelle Burnham, Santa Clara University
Abby Burnside
Steve Cagan, Independent Scholar
Peter Caldwell, Rice University
Kim Cameron-Dominguez, Lewis & Clark College
Nancy Cantor, Rutgers University-Newark
Julio Capo Jr., Florida International University
Jane Caputi, Florida International University
Nina Caputo, University of Florida`
Hazel Carby, Yale University
Sara Carney Florida State University
Annemarie Weyl Carr, Southern Methodist University
Peter Carravetta, Stony Brook University
Thomas Carroll, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen)
Leonard Cassuto, Fordham University
Thomas Castillo, Coastal Carolina University
Joy Castro, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
James Catano, Louisiana State University
Madeline Caviness, Tufts University
Steve Cecil Alachua, County Florida Community Volunteer
Caitlin Charos, University of California, Santa Cruz
Katherine Charron, North Carolina State University
Mikaela Chase, Dept. of Religion, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Paloma Checa-Gismero, Swarthmore College
Jack Chen, University of Virginia
Eric Cheyfitz, Cornell University
Preeti Chopra, University of Wisconson-Madison
Kandice Chuh, City University of New York
George Clark, Queen’s University (Canada)
John R. Clarke, The University of Texas at Austin
Justin Clarke-Doane, Columbia University
Suzanne Cloud Tapper PhD, Philadelphia Jazz Legacy Project
Joan Cocks, Mount Holyoke College
Christopher Coggins, Bard College at Simon’s Rock/Open Society University Network
Myron Cohen, Columbia University
Mitchell Cohen, Baruch College and the Graduate School, City University of New York
Paul Cohen, University of Toronto (Canada)
Daniel A. Cohen, Case Western Reserve University
Anne Coldiron, Florida State University
Juan Cole, University of Michigan
Kevin Coleman, University of Toronto (Canada)
Liv Coleman, University of Tampa
Eden Consenstein, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Carlos Contreras, Grossmont College
Karen Cook
Amy Cook, Stony Brook University
Jessica Cooley, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Lisa H. Cooper, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jorge Coronado, Northwestern University
Frank Couvares, Amherst Clollege
Sidnie Crawford, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
S. Crawley, University of South Florida
Stephen Crist, Emory University
Eugene Crook, Florida State University
Jennifer Crosswhite, National Council on Family Relations
Frederick Cubbage, North Carolina State University
Alexandra Cuffel, Ruhr University Bochum (Germany)
Anthony Cutler, Penn State University
Jessica Dandona, Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Ahbriyana Daniels, Florida A&M University
Karen Daniels, North Carolina State University
Natalie Zemon Davis, Princeton University
Jason Dawsey, The National WWII Museum
José A. de la Garza Valenzuela, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Greta de Jong, University of Nevada, Reno
Judith W. DeCew, Clark University
Janice Dees, University of Florida
Seth Denizen, Washington University in Saint Louis
Michael Denning, Yale University
Willem deVries, University of New Hampshire
Charles Dew, Williams College
Aaron Dilday, Palo Alto College
Deborah Dinner, Cornell Law School

Jan Dizard, Amherst College
Linda Docherty, Bowdoin College
Jualynne Dodson, Michigan State University
Josephine Donovan, University of Maine
Darlene Dooling
Michael William Doyle, Ball State University
Melvyn Dubofsky, Binghamton University, SUNY
Charles Dunlop, University of Michigan-Flint
Maureen Dykinga, University of Arizona
Marc Eagle, Western Kentucky University
Atensia Earp Bowen, Florida Atlantic University
Michael Ebner, Lake Forest College
Bonnie Effros, University of British Columbia
Grzegorz Ekiert, Harvard University
Karen Eliot, Retired
Sarah Elkind, San Diego State University
Melvin Patrick Ely, College of William & Mary
Julie Elzanati, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Sandra Enríquez, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Robert Entenmann, St. Olaf College
Eliza Epstein, The University of Texas at Austin
Dylan Esler, Oriental Institute of Louain (CIOL) (Belgium)
Kareem Estefan, University of Cambridge
Barbara C. Ewell, Loyola University New Orleans
Philip Ewell, Dept. of Music, Hunter College
Jacob Eyferth, University of Chicago
Eckart Förster, Johns Hopkins University
Candace Falk, Emma Gioldman Papers
Claire Farago, University of Colorado Boulder
Sharon Farmer, University of California, Santa Barbara
Anne Feldhaus, Arizona State University
April Fernandes, North Carolina State University
Jesse Fernandez, The Ohio State University
Barbara Fields, Columbia University
Halina Filipowicz, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Talya Fishman, University of Pennsylvania
Kristie Fleckenstein, Florida State University
Cornell Fleischer, University of Chicago
David Forbes, PhD, Graduate Center, City University of New York
Sibelan Forrester, Swarthmore College
John Foster, George Mason University
Patrick Fowler, University of Virginia Health System (Retired)
Laura Frader, Northeastern University
Elisabeth Fraser, University of South Florida
Oliver Freiberger, The University of Texas at Austin
Judith Friedlander, Hunter College (CUNY)
Steven Friesen, The University of Texas at Austin
Kristi Frisch
Robert Fulton, Emmanuel College
Victoria Gallagher, North Carolina State University
Margery Ganz, Spelman College
Jian Gao, The University of Texas at Austin
Daniel Garber, Princeton University
Frank Garcia, Rutgers University-Newark
Deborah Garfinkle, De Anza College
Sheldon Garon, Princeton University
Francisco Garrudo-Carabias, Department of English Language, University of Seville (Spain)
Prisca Gayles, University of Nevada, Reno
Holly Gayley, University of Colorado Boulder
Jessica Gerschultz, University of Kansas
Amanda Gibson, Gilder Lehrman Center, Yale
Cheryl Townsend Gilkes, Colby College
Meredith Gill, University of Maryland, College Park
Carol Gilligan, New York University
James Gilligan, New York University
Susan Gillman, University of California, Santa Cruz
W. Clark Gilpin, The University of Chicago
Jonathan Glixon, University of Kentucky
A. Blanton Godfrey, North Carolina State University, Florida State University graduate
Lydia Goehr, Columbia University
Hazel Gold, Emory University
Barbara Gold, Hamilton College
Ann G. Gold, Syracuse University
Marilyn Goldberg, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Jan Goldstein, University of Chicago
Stanley Gontarski, Florida State University
Bryna Goodman, University of Oregon
Linda Gordon, New York University
Michael Gorra, Smith College
Tarez Graban, Florida State University
John Grabowski, Case Western Reserve University
Monica Green, Independent Scholar
Thomas Greene, University of North Georgia
Jennifer Greenhill, University of Arkansas
A. Eliza Greenstadt, Portland State University
Justina Gregory, Smith College
Richard Grijalva, The University of Texas at Austin
Li Guo, Utah State University
Kathryn Gutzwiller, University of Cincinnati
Roland Guyotte, University of Minnesota, Morris
Guangtian Ha, Haverford College
Angela Haas, Missouri Western State University
Rosalind Hackett, University of Tennessee
Shelley P. Haley, Hamilton College
Max Hallman, Merced College
Francoise Hamlin, Brown University
Mary Hancock, University of California, Santa Barbara
Martha Hanna, University of Colorado Boulder
Paul Hanson, Butler University
Karen Hanson, University of Minnesota, Indiana University (Retired)
William Harris, Columbia University
Ian Hartman, University of Alaska
Stacy Hartman, CUNY Graduate Center
Eleanor Harvey, Smithsonian American Art Museum
Carlene Harwood, Warner University
Ella Haselswerdt, University of California, Los Angeles
Robert Hatten, The University of Texas
Timothy Hawkins, Indiana State University
Mary Hayden, Association for Women in Psychology
Julie Hayes, University of Massachusetts Amherst
N. Katherine Hayles, University of California, Los Angeles
Sonia Hazard, Florida State University
Laura Heffernan, University of North Florida
Robert Hegel, East Asian Languages and Cultures, Washington University in St. Louis
Julia Hell, University of Michigan
Geraldine Heng, The University of Texas at Austin
Laura Hengehold, Case Western Reserve University
Charles Henry, Council on Library and Information Resources
Margaret Higonnet, Conseil International de la Philosophie et des Sciences Humaines
Toshihiro Higuchi, Georgetown University
Kathleen Hilliard, Iowa State University
Eric Hinderaker, University of Utah
Emily Hobson, University of Nevada Reno
Paul Hoffman, Louisiana State University (Retired)
Jillian Hogan, Siena College
Thomas C Holt, University of Chicago
Axel Honneth, Columbia University
Cornelia Horn, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (Germany)
Laurence Houlgate, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Kellen Hoxworth, University at Buffalo (SUNY)
Christopher Huck, Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts
R. Stephen Humphreys, University of California, Santa Barbara
Alice Hunt, American Academy of Religion
Eileen Hunt, University of Notre Dame
Samuel Huskey, University of Oklahoma
Peter Ikhane, University of Ibadan (Nigeria)
Tina Irvine, Indiana University
Susan Jacobowitz, Queensborough Community College, The City University of New York
Paul Jacobson, St. Ambrose University
Bruce Janz, University of Central Florida
Susan Jarratt, University of California, Irvine
Benjamin Johnson, Loyola University Chicago
David Johnson, Florida State University
Ebony Jones, North Carolina State University
Jennifer Jones, University of Illinois at Chicago
Evan Jones, Florida State University College of Music
Jacqueline Jones, The University of Texas at Austin
Justin Joyce, The New School
Colette Jung, Arizona State University
Jayashree Kamble, LaGuardia Community College (CUNY)
Eileen Kane, Connecticut College
Benjamin Kaplan, University College London
David Katzman, University of Kansas
Emmanuel Kayembe, University of Southern Maine
Ann Keating, North Central College
Marie Kelleher, California State University, Long Beach
Katherine Kelly, Texas A&M University
Bridgette Kennedy, Kent State University
Linda Kerber, Department of History, University of Iowa

Alex Keyssar, Harvard University
Akram Khater, North Carolina State University
Mana Kia, Columbia University
Nicole King, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Rebecca King, Archaeological Institute of America
Robin Kirk, Duke University
Anne Klejment, University of St. Thomas
Anna Klobucka, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
George Klosko, University of Virginia
Andrew Kluth, Case Western Reserve University
Anne Knowles, University of Maine
Caleb Kobosh, Vanderbilt University
Ethan Koch, The Ohio State University
Karrie Koesel, University of Notre Dame
Jaklin Kornfilt, Syracuse University
Elizabeth Koslov, University of California, Los Angeles
Beth Krackov, PhD
Donald Krieger
Allan Kulikoff, University of Georgia
Sonia Labrador-Rodríguez, New College of Florida
Denis Lacorne, Sciences Po Paris (France)
Patrick Lambelet, University of California, Santa Barbara
Jane Landers, Vanderbilt University
Susan Lape, University of Southern California
K. Maya Larson, Princeton University
Susan Lawrence, University of Tennessee Knoxville
Karen J. Leader, Florida Atlantic University
Denise LeBlanc-Bock, American Institute of Architects
Kenneth Ledford, Case Western Reserve University
Racquel Lee, University of Washington
Mara Leichtman, Michigan State University
Kendra Preston Leonard, Silent Film Sound & Music Archive
Mark Letteney, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Fred Leventhal, Boston University
Eve Levin, University of Kansas
Alex Levine, University of South Florida
George Levine, Rutgers University
David Levinson, Connecticut State Colleges and Universities
Heping Liu, Wellesley College
Roi Livne, University of Michigan, Department of Sociology
Peter Logan, Temple University
Laura Lomas, Rutgers University-Newark
Thomas Long, University of Connecticut
Veronica Lopez, Florida State University
Carla Lord, Kean University
Nancy Love, Appalachian State University
Kate Lowry, Florida State University
Keith P. Luria, North Carolina State University
Ling Ma, State University of New York at Geneseo
Arien Mack, New School for Social Research
Jeffrey Magee, University of Illinois
Lillian Makeda, Independent Scholar
Heather Mangrum, American Council of Learned Societies
Susan Mann, University of California, Davis
Suzanne Marchand, Louisiana State University
Ann Marcus, New York University
Glenn Martinez, The University of Texas at San Antonio
Carmen Martinez Novo, University of Florida
Kay Mathiesen, Northeastern University
Donald Maxwell, Indiana State University
Pamela J. May
Ndubueze Mbah, SUNY-Buffalo
Kathleen D. McCarthy, The Graduate Center CUNY
Willard McCarty, King’s College London
Clifford McCue, Florida Atlantic University
Louisa McDonald, University of Nevada
Julie McGee, University of Delaware
Robin McGinty, ACLS Leading Edge Fellow at the Center for Justice Innovation
Richard McGregor, Vanderbilt University
Mary McHugh, Gustavus Adolphus College
Marjorie McIntosh, University of Colorado Boulder
Thomas McKay, Syracuse University
Elizabeth McRae, Western Carolina University
Jeanette McVicker, SUNY Fredonia
John Melillo, University of Arizona
Timothy Melley, Miami University
Sara Melzer, University of California, Los Angeles
Rebecca Mendelson, University of Pennsylvania
Shaily Menon, University of New Haven
Sylvie Merian, Morgan Library & Museum
Tina Michele, New College of Florida
Abbey Miller, Florida International University
Kerby Miller, Retired
Angela Miller, Washington University
Paul Allen Miller, University of South Carolina
Judith Miller, New York University
James Millward, Georgetown University
Nicholas Mirzoeff, New York University
Klaus Mladek, Dartmouth College
Barbara Molony, Santa Clara University
Emily Monty, Independent Scholar
Jairo Moreno, University of Pennsylvania
Steven Moreno-Terrill, Coast Community College District
Brandon Morgan, Central New Mexico Community College
Todd Moye, Department of History, University of North Texas
Ann Moyer, University of Pennsylvania
Reinhold C. Mueller, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (Italy)
Scott Muir, National Humanities Alliance
Sheila Murnaghan, University of Pennsylvania
Geraldine Murphy, City College, CUNY
Mary Murrell, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Fred Myers, New York University
Clarissa Myrick-Harris, Morehouse College
Jay Neaves
Severine Neff, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Tobin Nellhaus, Independent Scholar
Frederick Neuhouser, Barnard College
Carol Newsom, Emory University
Laura Ng, Grinnell College
Calvin Normore, University of California, Los Angeles
Anne Norton, University of Pennsylvania
Mary Beth Norton, Cornell University
Maria Novotny, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Todd Ramón Ochoa, Department of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Brian Ogilvie, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Kayode Ogunfolabi, Obafemi Awolowo University (Nigeria)
Saheed Okesola, Obafemi Awolowo University (Nigeria)
Fraser Ottanelli, University of South Florida
Lucius T. Outlaw, Jr., Vanderbilt University
Keyao Pan, Florida International University
Salvatore Pappalardo, Towson University
Shelley Park, University of Central Florida
Elena Past, Wayne State University
Lee Patterson, San José State University
Christopher Peacocke, Columbia University
Kathy Peiss, University of Pennsylvania
Destiny Pennington, University of West Florida
Ramona Perez, San Diego State University
M. Jeanne Peterson, Indiana University
Paul Peucker, Moravian Archives
Melissa Phruksachart, University of Michigan
Karen Pinto, University of Colorado Boulder
Robert Pippin, University of Chicago
Mary Louise Pratt, New York University
Leandra Preston, Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Central Florida
Jennifer Proffitt, Florida State University
John Protevi, Louisiana State University
Maria Puerta Riera, Valencia College
Bobbie Pugh
Alex Purves, University of California, Los Angeles
Kurt Raaflaub, Brown University
Matthew Rahaim, University of Minnesota
Eugenia Rainey, Dartmouth College
Yuridia Ramirez, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Antonio Ramirez, Elgin Community College
Frederick Ranallo-Higgins, Tricycle: The Buddhist Review
K.J. Rawson, Northeastern University
Heather Ray, University of Florida
Patricia Reeve, Suffolk University
Amy Reid, New College of Florida
Tatiana Reinoza, University of Notre Dame
Amanda Reinsburrow, Drexel University
John Reitz, University of Iowa College of Law
Scott Relyea, Appalachian State University
John Ribo, Florida State University
Matthias Richter, University of Colorado, Boulder
Antje Richter, University of Colorado
Darcy Roake, Tulane University
Erin Robinson, San Jose State University
Juana Maria Rodriguez, University of California, Berkeley
Nancy Rogers, Florida State University
Matthew Roller, Johns Hopkins University
Sylvie Romanowski, Norhtwestern University
Judith Rood, Biola University
Oliver Rosales, Bakersfield College

Sandra Rosenblum, Independent Scholar
Patricia Rosenmeyer, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Angela Rounsaville, University of Central Florida
Shahnaz Rouse, Sarah Lawrence College
Laura Ruberto, Berkeley City College
Joan Shelley Rubin, University of Rochester
Philip Rubio, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Mark Runco, Southern Oregon University
Sheldine Runyan
Francey Russell, Barnard College
Paulette Granberry Russell, North Star Consulting Network, LLC
Warren Sack, University of California, Santa Cruz
David Harris Sacks, Reed College
Elizabeth Sadhu, Retired
Jacinta Saffold, University of New Orleans
John Sallis, Boston College
Linda Salvucci, Department of History, Trinity University
Shirley Samuels, Cornell University
Mark Sanders, New York University
Lucy Freeman Sandler, New York University
David Sansone, University of Illinois
Jeffrey Santa Ana, Stony Brook University
Beryl Satter, Rutgers University-Newark
Eric Scarffe, Florida International University
Ronald Schechter, William & Mary
Susan Scheckel, English Department, Stony Brook University
Harry Scheiber, University of California, Berkeley
Seth Schein, University of California, Davis
Carine Schermann, Florida State University
Claudia Schippert, University of Central Florida
Michael Schoenfeldt, University of Michigan
Martha Schoolman, Florida International University
Ellen Schrecker, Yeshiva University
William Schultz, University of Michigan
Terry Anne Scott, The Institute for Common Power
Chad Seales, University of Texas
Marykay Selby
Jeffrey Selinger, Bowdoin College
Renee Sentilles, Case Western Reserve University
Carroll Seron, University of California, Irvine
Kristina Sessa, The Ohio State University
Zainab Shallangwa Musa, University of Maiduguri (Nigeria)
Tami Shaloum, American Council of Learned Societies
Judith Shapiro, Barnard College
Gary Shapiro, University of Richmond
Justine Shaw, College of the Redwoods
Gila Sher, University of California, San Diego
Eleanor Shevlin, West Chester University
David Shumway, Carnegie Mellon University
Steven Sidebotham, University of Delaware
Vernon Sigler
Alexander Silbiger, Duke University
Sergio Silva, University of Virginia
Larry Silver, University of Pennsylvania
Rachel Silveri, University of Florida
Janice Simon, University of Georgia
Kathleen Warner Slane, University of Missouri
Laura Slatkin, New York University
Andrew Sloin, Baruch College
Daniel Smail, Harvard University
Rogers Smith, University of Pennsylvania
Raoul Smith, Northeastern University
Gillian Snyder, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute, University of Illinois
Amy Sodaro, Borough of Manhattan Community College
Theoni Soublis, The University of Tampa
Emma Stamm, Villanova University
Susan Staves, Brandeis University
Alexandra Stern, University of California, Los Angeles
Margaret Stetz, University of Delaware
Joel Stillerman, Grand Valley State University
Catharine Stimpson, New York University
Patricia Stokes, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Ohio University
Kristen Stoner, University of Florida
Alison Stones, University of Pittsburgh
Robert Strassler, D/B/A Riverside Capital Management
Michael Strevens, New York University
Anise Strong, Western Michigan University
Megan Stutesman, George Mason University
Jane Sugarman, CUNY Graduate Center
Ernest Sullivan, Retired
Jennifer Summit, San Francisco State University
Patrick Sweeney, Fielding Graduate University
Agnieszka Szymanska, University of Richmond
Katherine H. Tachau, University of Iowa
Cynthia Talbot, The University of Texas at Austin
Carol Lynne Tatlock, Washington University in St. Louis
Madison Tatum, Coe College
Diana Taylor, New York University
Kylie Thomas, University College Cork (Ireland)
Charles Thomas, University of Michigan-Flint (Retired)
Amie Thomasson, Dartmouth College
Katrina Thompson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
David Thorburn, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Peter Thorsheim, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Lynne Tirrell, University of Connecticut
Nhung Tuyet Tran, University of Toronto
Wendy Tronrud, Queens College
LaTonya Trotter, Univesity of Washington
David Troyansky, Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, CUNY
Van Truong, Ohio State University
Audrey Truschke, Rutgers University
Judith Tucker, Georgetown University
Venon Tugume, Kyambogo University (Uganda)
Alison Turner, Leading Edge Postdoctoral Fellow at Operation Shoestring
John Tutino, Georgetown University
Ebony Tyler, Liberated Success, Inc.
Christina Ubry, New College of Florida
Chidi Ugwu, University of Nigeria, Nsukka
Omar Valerio-Jiménez, The University of Texas at San Antonio
Melissa Valle, Rutgers University-Newark
Peter Vallentyne, University of Missouri
Christopher van den Berg, Dept. of Classics, Amherst College
Jocelyn Van Tuyl, New College of Florida
Carole Vance, Yale University
Lonnie Varela
Anita Varma, Solidarity Journalism Initiative at The University of Texas at Austin
Ernesto Verdeja, University of Notre Dame
Robert Vitalis, University of Pennsylvania
Eva von Dassow, University of Minnesota
Patricia Waddy, Society of Architectural Historians
Lee Walton, The Third Chapter Project, Inc.
Zina Ward, Florida State University
Ding Xiang Warner, Cornell University
Christopher Warren, Carnegie Mellon University
Neil Waters, Middlebury College
Charles Watkinson, University of Michigan
Stephen Watt, Indiana University
Thaisa Way, Dumbarton Oaks, Harvard University
Igor Webb, Adelphi University
Lisa Wedeen, The University of Chicago
Shelley Weinberg, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Andrew Weiss, New York University School of Law
Gillian Weiss, Case Western Reserve University
John Welle, University of Notre Dame
Judith Wellman, SUNY Oswego
Stephen White, The University of Texas at Austin
Patrick Williams, University of Arkansas
Linda Williams, Kent State University
Ife Williams, Delaware County Community College
Bronwen Wilson, University of California, Los Angeles
Kari Winter, The University at Buffalo, SUNY
Gene Witmer, University of Florida
Nicholas Wolfinger, University of Utah
H. Roz Woll, Goshen College
Hertha D. Sweet Wong, University of California, Berkeley
Corinne Woodland
Gioia Woods, Northern Arizona University
William Worger, University of California, Los Angeles
Donald Yacovone, Hutchins Center for African & African American Research at Harvard University
Midori Yamamura, Kingsborough Community College
Aladdin Yaqub, Lehigh University
Alford Young Jr., Association of Black Sociologists
Jared Young, Mills College at Northeastern University
Jeremy Young, PEN America
Katie Young, Penn Foster
Stuart Young, Bucknell University
Beth Younger, Drake University
Bonnie Youngs, Carnegie Mellon University
Serena Zabin, Carleton College
Jane Zavisca
Catherine Zuckert, University of Notre Dame
Michael Zuckert, University of Notre Dame
Rachel Zuckert, Northwestern University
Alex Zukas, National University (Retired)
Lorna Zukas, National University

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