Reflections on the Social Dynamics of the Shang Dynasty: A Holistic Perspective on the Clan Emblems of Shang Bronzes


Henry Luce Foundation/ACLS Grants to Individuals in East and Southeast Asian Archaeology and Early History Study and Research Fellowships (East and Southeast Asia)


Institure of Archaeology




This proposed research is to investigate the social dynamics of the urban settlement at Anyang by integrating the archaeological analysis of material remains (including burials, buildings, and a wide range of artifacts) with the systematic and detailed examination of clan-emblems inscribd on bronze vessels. Among specific questions I would like to study are how different communities or social groups as represented by clan-emblms were related to and interacted with each other and how clan-emblems cn be linked to specific cementarie or settlements excavated at Yinxu. This research will contribute to our knowledge and understanding of the nature and social dynamics of Shang civilization.