Appointed as NJ Reparations Council Research and Digital Communications Associate, New Jersey Institute for Social Justice


ACLS Leading Edge Fellowships

PhD field of study

PhD, English and African American Studies, Pennsylvania State University

Position Description

The New Jersey Institute for Social Justice's (the "Institute") cutting-edge racial and social justice advocacy seeks to empower people of color by building reparative systems that create wealth, transform justice and harness democratic power—from the ground up—in New Jersey. The Research & Digital Communications Associate will support and work to maximize the impact of the New Jersey Reparations Council (“NJRC”) convened by the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice. Through a unique collaboration between leading experts from various disciplines, the NJRC is studying New Jersey’s unique history of slavery and structural racism, and its direct impact on the contemporary life of Black people in the state. The Associate will contribute to the NJRC's mission by actively participating in research, analyzing findings, engaging in public outreach, and developing digital media concepts and presentation initiatives for the Council’s final findings and recommendations.