The History and Typology of Chaco Languages


Charles A. Ryskamp Research Fellowships


English Language and Literature


This project will utilize the time afforded to extend the analysis of data I have collected on languages of the S. Chaco in S. America, and based on this work to complete and submit several manuscripts for publication and to format existing materials for language preservation efforts. A second goal, which results from the first, is the investigation of the history and typology of these languages. These two are directly tied to my long-term research goal-- the documentation and the historical and typological study of the Guaycuruan and Matacoan languages of S. Chaco. The project extends for 9 months of research, data analysis and writing at two overseas sites (in Argentina and Brazil) and at my home institution, and 2 months during the summer for field research in S. Chaco in S. America.