Women, Education, and Social Change in Ondo, 1875 to 2008


African Humanities Program Dissertation Fellowships




The major focus of this study is the evolution of female education in Ondo Town between 1875 and 2008. While informal traditional education held sway for almost half of this period, the establishment of the first secondary school for girls in Ondo in 1955 (36 years after the boys had been enjoying secondary education) marked a turning point as well as a new beginning in female education in the ancient town. Increasing female participation in Western education has impacted the whole process of role change as well: qualified Ondo women have generally been able to take advantage of new opportunities in the labor market. This has enhanced their status in several respects. However, although women have had some success in challenging the bastions of male dominance, men continue to dominate both the private and public realms.