Buddhism and Medicine from India to China via Turfan –– Investigation of Tocharian Buddhist Texts based on the Sanskrit, Chinese and Tibetan Parallels


The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Early Career Research Fellowships in Buddhist Studies


Historical and Indo-European Linguistics


The whole research project is divided into three sub-projects. Sub-project 1 is focused on the new edition with English translation and commentary of the Tocharian medical and esoteric Buddhist texts from the Paris and Berlin collection. Sub-project 2 consists of four research articles in English and Chinese, which deal with the difficult Tocharian words encountered in sub-project 1 and the origins of certain Chinese Buddhist terms. As sub-project 3 a manual of Tocharian languages in Chinese will be accomplished. This project aims at recovering an important link connecting Indian and Chinese Buddhism based on the philological study of the Buddhist texts transmitted in West and East Tocharian languages.