The AudiAnnotate Project


ACLS Digital Extension Grants




The AudiAnnotate Project will build on existing efforts by the HiPSTAS (High Performance Sound Technologies for Access and Scholarship) project and the Brumfield Labs to produce and share (1) a web application to help scholars to create IIIF-AV annotations; (2) documentation that describes three different use cases that leverage this workflow in scholarship on poetry performance recordings; and (3) a workshop for sharing this work. The developed application and workflows will help users to translate their own analyses of audio recordings into media annotations that will be publishable as easy-to-maintain, static, W3C Web Annotations associated with IIIF manifests and hosted in a GitHub repository that are viewable through presentation software. Local, national, and international partners include the Harry Ransom Center, the IIIF Consortium, and the SpokenWeb project.