Appointed as Associate Executive Editor of LARB and Assistant Director of LARB Books, Los Angeles Review of Books


Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows

PhD field of study

PhD, Hispanic Literature, University of Texas, Austin

Position Description

Through its website, channels, radio show, publishing workshop, print journal, podcasts, short films, events, and new book publishing wing, Los Angeles Review of Books (LARB) helps foster and sustain creative individuals and communities, diversify the voices in the national and international conversation, increase the visibility of women and minority artists and writers, and provide a platform for public discourse not just on literature and culture, but on issues of equality, justice, sustainability, and community. LARB Books—the newest part of LARB’s integrated platform—has launched with five imprints, including the already well-established Les Figues Press, Outcaste Books, LA Classics, LARB Originals, and LARB Short Stories. The Associate Executive Editor of LARB and Assistant Director of LARB Books shares responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the LARB website and LARB Books. As Associate Executive Editor, the fellow works closely with the Executive Editor and assists in overseeing the daily editorial functions of the website. As Assistant Director of LARB Books, the fellow assists overseeing imprint editors, paid and volunteer staff, and production in all aspects of publishing, including acquisition, budgeting, editing, copyediting, proofreading, design, layout, printing, public relations, marketing, distribution, author relations, and fulfillment.