An Exposition of Tantric Buddhism: A Study of the Earliest Tibetan 'Presentation of the Tantric Systems in General' (rGyud sde spyi'i rnam gzhag) by Lo-chen Rin-chen-bzang-po (958-1055).


The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Dissertation Fellowships in Buddhist Studies


Buddhist Studies


This thesis research studies how the Tibetan tradition of the composition of rgyud sde spyi rnam works begun and how was it received; the systematization and the interpretation of Buddhist Tantric doctrines within the framework of pre/non-Mahayana and pre/non-Tantric Mahayana forms of Buddhism. The study also aims to explore the impact that Rin-chen-bzang-po’s first rGyud sde spyi rnam had on the succeeding Tibetan scholars.
The main objective is in three-fold: 1) prepare a critical edition of Rin-chen-bzang-po’s rGyud sde spyi rnam, by consulting all available textual witnesses; 2) identifies the actual sources of the texts cited by Rin-chen-bzang-po and also critically edits them separately and; 3) offers annotated English translation of the rGyud sde spyi rnam.