The Future Buddha in Pali Buddhism: A Critical Edition, Textual Analysis, and Comparative Study of the Samantabhaddika—A Commentary on Anagatavamsa


The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Dissertation Fellowships in Buddhist Studies


Buddhist Studies


This project produces the first critical edition of the Samantabhaddika—a commentary on the Anagatavamsa—along with an analytical study and comparative analysis. The edition is based on seven palm-leaf manuscripts from Sri Lanka, Burma, and Thailand which were scribed in different scripts. The individual readings of each manuscript are evaluated through the genealogy and collation process, which helps identify possible textual corruptions. The critical analysis provides valuable insight into the text's content, including its doctrinal, religious, and cultural practices. Additionally, the comparative analysis traces the textual relationship with literary works dedicated to future Buddha Metteyya and establish the Samantabhaddika's significance in the Pali literature.