Training at the Southern Methodist University Archaeological Field School


Henry Luce Foundation/ACLS Grants to Individuals in East and Southeast Asian Archaeology and Early History Summer Field-School Scholarships (East and Southeast Asia)


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The practice of field school in archaeology at Taos New Mexico is directed by Prof. B. Sunday Eiselt, the professor of Southern Methodist University. This course emphasizes on anthropological approach to archaeological methodologies. It focuses on ecological and cultural survey, Archaic through historical period rock art recording, and historical excavations at Saint Francis de Asis church, erected in 1815, in Taos Plaza in Taos New Mexico. the primary objective of this course is to instruct and give practical experience in field work, laboratory methods, and archaeological theories. The knowledge and experiences which are direct benefits of the SMU Archaeological field School will serve me to work more efficiently, to be a clue for me to successfully conduct my project. In addition, the field school in Taos does not only provide me a chance to study fieldwork, theory, and techniques in archaeology, but also give a great opportunity to work along side the native communities in a cross-cultural way. Therefore, the participants would have a greater chance to exchange knowledge and create archaeological network in other parts of the world, especially the opportunity to collaborate with other researchers to conduct more research in Southeast Asia.