Geopolitical Whiteness: Euro-Atlantic Integration and the Postsocialist Assembling of Race and Sexuality in the Balkans


Mellon/ACLS Community College Faculty Fellowships


Humanities and Social Sciences


The final integration of the western Balkans into European Union (EU) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) security structures is concluding and the Euro-Atlantic geopolitical borders along the Balkans refugee route are being sealed off both legally and politically. In this context, overlapping national and postnational governing processes have racialized border regimes such that the separation of the postsocialist Balkans from the postcolonial Middle East has come to influence new everyday politics and infrastructures of life. “Geopolitical Whiteness” examines this postsocialist recalibration of European colonial race-making in relation to contemporary Euro-Atlantic bordering processes in the Balkans.