Translation of Early Cultures of Mainland Southeast Asia by Charles Higham


Henry Luce Foundation/ACLS Grants to Individuals in East and Southeast Asian Archaeology and Early History Translation Grants (East and Southeast Asia)




Early Cultures ofMainland Southeast Asia, 2003, by Dr. Charles Higham, will be translated from English into Khmer (the national language of Cambodia). This is a basic tool necessary for archaeology students, professionals and researchers as well as professionals and students in many other related fields. Translation will allow greater understanding which will also facilitate better communication and interaction between Cambodians and non-Cambodians. Currently, many Cambodians are alienated from their own heritage and their neighbor's heritage because most work related to Mainand Southeast Asian heritage and archaeology is vvritten in English, French, Thai and Vietnamese. This excludes Cambodians from effective interaction with non Cambodians as well. A team led by Mr. San Phalla proposes to translate the book in 2010 according to the translation schedule in the proposal. Almost all of the work can be conducted in Cambodia. International and internationally experienced people have been selected to participate in order to strengthen interpretation, quality, and provide a meaningful translation within a meaningful Cambodian idiom to enhance understanding.