Redefined Subordination: Interrogating Educated Women's Life Experiences in Contemporary Uganda


African Humanities Program Dissertation Fellowships


Women & Gender Studies


This study focuses on educated, married, and working urban women who have been constructed as advantaged but whose voices have been neglected by both feminist and non-feminist researchers. It aims to unravel what has been taken for granted by liberal feminists who identified education (particularly at a higher level) as key to improving gender relations. To get to the depth of educated women’s lived experiences, naturistic and feminist methods of inquiry such as interactive interviewing, native ethnography, and observation of body language are employed. The project argues that while education elevates women to a higher level in the social hierarchy, it redefines their subordination in a subtle manner particularly in the home. Education opens up space for women’s negotiation with patriarchy but does not change the patriarchal template that supports men’s dominance and women’s subordination.