In My Mother’s House: Counter Discourse in Tracie Chima Utoh-Ezeajugh Radical Drama


African Humanities Program Postdoctoral Fellowships




This study identifies Tracie Chima Utoh-Ezeajugh as one of Nigerian radical feminist playwrights (a representative of the “other”) who is engaged in the renegotiation and recreation of gender image, culture and space through her works. This engagement is the counter discourse. But, in every counter discourse of the marginal against the dominant, it is often easy to assume that what is important is the attempt to recreate/renegotiate a new space, identity or centre without being equally critical of the new space, identity or centre that is being created. The study takes a contextual and critical look at Utoh-Ezeajugh’s works beyond the argument of the mere recreation and conventional writing back of a peripheral to the centre by considering her works as essentially representing a collection of new centres that needs rupturing in Derrida’s sense. It underscores the shift in her feminist ideology and how it reflects in her works