Lineages of the Literary: Tibetan Buddhist Scholars Making Modern China


The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Research Fellowships in Buddhist Studies


Philosophy and Religious Studies


This book project is the first in-depth study in any language on three of the most prolific Tibetan Buddhist scholars of 20th century China. My research aims to better understand how religious subjects exercise moral agency in modern China. Based on my original translations of select texts by “the Three Great Scholars”—Tseten Zhabdrung (1910-1985), Dungkar Losang Trinle (1927-1997), and Muge Samten (1914-1993), I narrate untold stories that celebrate, adapt, teach, and safeguard classical Tibetan Buddhist culture in China. What we read in their writings redefines current conceptions about the renaissance of Tibetan Buddhism in post-Mao China.