Appointed as Policy Analyst, New Jersey Institute for Social Justice


Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows

PhD field of study

PhD, History, Yale University

Position Description

The Institute’s mission is to empower urban residents to realize and achieve their full potential. Established in 1999 by Alan V. and Amy Lowenstein, the Institute is known for its dynamic and independent advocacy aimed at toppling load-bearing walls of structural inequality to create just, vibrant, and healthy urban communities. Reporting to the Director of the Economic Justice Program, the Policy Analyst combines rigorous research and policy analysis to carry out community-driven advocacy campaigns to help advance racial and social justice on behalf of New Jersey’s urban communities. The Institute’s Economic Justice Program works to ensure equality of economic opportunity for residents in urban communities through building and strengthening systems that provide access to wealth, including (1) meaningful employment that pays a living wage; (2) affordable, fair, and quality housing in safe and healthy neighborhoods; (3) fair lending and student loan practices; and (4) other reparative policies and practices to help close New Jersey’s stark racial wealth gap.