Research Project: Who You Lovin: Sexual Scripts and Relationships Themes in the Videos and Songs of Black Female Rappers 2012 - 2022


Mellon/ACLS Community College Faculty Fellowships


Communication Studies


The culmination of this project will be a monograph centered on the work of Black female rappers from 2012 - 2022.Using Black Feminist Thought and Berger and Luckmann’s Social Construction of Reality as the theoretical base, the first part of this project will focus on a thematic analysis of the sexual scripts presented in the videos of these Black female rappers.Using Invitational Rhetoric theory, the second part of the project will feature rhetorical analyses to analyze how relationship dynamics between other women are discussed, and how intimate relationships are discussed in the song lyrics of these artists. The last part of this project will be based on focus groups with young Black women between the ages of 18-25 to assess how these songs and lyrics impact their relationship ideals.