Of Human Bondage: Personal Servitude in Three Andean Cities: Lima, Huamanga, and La Plata, 1535-1650


Library of Congress Fellowships in International Studies




A Library of Congress Fellowship in International Studies, from 1 January to 28 March 2005, will enable me to research a new book project that examines forms of servitude between 1535 and 1650 in Lima, Huamanga, and La Plata (currently Sucre). While at the Library of Congress, I will peruse documents in the Harkness Collection, as well as primary printed materials that elucidate the complex array of pre-conquest and early colonial (1535-1575) Spanish and Andean labor practices in Lima and Huamanga. Central to my study is an analysis of the overlapping customs of employing Spanish and mixed-race personal retainers (criados), native Andean servants allotted for personal use (yanaconas), as well as native Andean slaves (prior to 1550) based upon contemporary notions of race and gender.