Uyghurs in Ming China


American Research in the Humanities in China




Yunnan University


This research project investigates the roles of Uyghur elites in Ming and later-imperial China after the Mongols lost power. Research for this project will use official (local gazetteers) and private (epitaphs, essays, etc.) writings produced during the Ming and Qing eras that document activities of Uyghurs in three separate areas of late-imperial China, Nanjing (Jinling) and surrounding counties (esp. Liyang), Jiangxi (Nanchang and Ji’an city), and Yunnan (KKunming and Yao’an city). Affiliations with scholars in Nanjing, Shanghai, Kunming and other sites will be used to gain admission to provincial archives and libraries, and as consultants in my research project. This project will also be based on prior research on Ming and Qing national gazetteers, etc., done before ht research in China is begun. Sources have been identified that should provide date on Uyghur career, residence, and local affiliations in these select locations during Ming.