The Solidarity Journalism Initiative: Improving Representations of Marginalized Communities Through Ethical Storytelling (Host Institution: University of Texas at Austin)


ACLS Sustaining Public Engagement Grants


The Solidarity Journalism Initiative helps digital storytellers improve their representations of marginalized communities by bringing practical knowledge from community-based organizations to journalists in news media organizations. Digital storytelling has great potential to advance solidarity with marginalized communities. Too often, though, digital storytelling through news media perpetuates unethical stereotypes, dehumanizing rhetoric, and maudlin appeals. Solidarity storytelling techniques offer a grounded remedy for this issue. This project partners with community organizations across the United States to develop workshops, digital resources, and individual consultations for journalists, educators, and students who, in the service of social justice, seek to end longstanding unethical storytelling practices. Community partners for this project include Reframe (Resolve Philly), Press On (A Southern Media Collective for Movement Journalism), and The View from Somewhere.