Appointed to Data & Society for the project "Antiracist Science and Tech Policy Research"


ACLS Leading Edge Fellowships

PhD field of study

PhD, Culture, Communication, & Media, Drexel University

Position Description

Data & Society (D&S) is an independent, nonprofit research institute that explores the growing field of data-centric technologies and automation. It produces original, empirical evidence to help our stakeholders understand the promise, power, and pitfalls of these technologies. D&S’s work challenges existing narratives about the purpose and power of technology in society using rigorous interdisciplinary research. Additionally, it designs programming and engagement strategies to ensure that civil society, media, policymakers, and industry can use its research insights, and those of its broader network, to inform and reframe decision-making around data-centric technologies. The Leading Edge Fellow will explore the concept of antiracism within the context of AI, science, and technology, elevating and expanding ongoing work to use history and decolonial theory to challenge power asymmetries in these fields. The fellow will both contribute to and nurture the research and engagement pipeline for this new work on antiracism in science and technology. This will include working with the Policy Director to map the current research landscape and explore new lines of inquiry; producing and publishing writing on the topic; working with leadership in Communications and Research teams to build out engagement strategies with specific policy audiences in mind; and positioning D&S’s research to achieve greater impact in multiple sectors: government, industry, civil society, and media.