Building the Garibaldi & the Risorgimento Digital Archive at Brown University: New Applications for Collaborative Scholarship


ACLS Digital Innovation Fellowships


Italian Studies


The Garibaldi & the Risorgimento digital archive provides a comprehensive resource for the interdisciplinary study of the Italian unification process, within the context of nineteenth-century Europe. At the heart of the archive is a dynamic visualization of the Garibaldi panorama (1861). This proposal envisions the implementation of new forms of collaborative scholarship through the use of new tools such as Humanities Bubbles, an open-source environment being developed for digital humanities scholarship, funded by Microsoft Research. Scholars will be able to annotate the panorama, linking it to digital sources and related multimedia documents residing in the Brown Library repository. The archive will thus evolve into an open resource for collaborative research, accessible across a full range of platforms, from desktops to Surfaces, Tablets, and Pads.