Appointed to International Student Exchange Programs for the project "Curriculum Mapping Database for Equity"


ACLS Leading Edge Fellowships

PhD field of study

PhD, Modern Chinese/African Amer. History, University of California, Irvine

Position Description

The International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP) seeks to create a more just and equitable world by enabling underserved communities around the globe to access international education. ISEP works with over 300 member colleges and universities in 50+ countries to create cross-cultural learning experiences through member exchange and direct enrollment programs. Each year, it enables over 3,000 students to participate in international education programs. ISEP is launching the Curriculum Mapping Database for Equity (CMDE) project to streamline the course offerings of more than 300 member institutions into a searchable database, which will create an equitable advising tool for students of all backgrounds. The Leading Edge Fellow will lead systematic coordination and engagement with diverse ISEP stakeholders, primarily with Member Relations and IT, but also ISEP student advisors and faculty of member universities that support large numbers of minority students. The fellows’ contributions to the CMDE project will make a direct impact on the equity of access to international education for students.