Liturgical Hypertexts: Prosulas for the Proper of the Mass in Beneventan Manuscripts


ACLS Fellowship Program




The liturgical traditions of southern Italy between the eighth and the thirteenth centuries reflect the influences of the many populations that were present in the area at that time. “Liturgical Hypertexts” is an edition and study of one such tradition, the liturgical genre of prosulas for the Proper of the mass. Prosulas are texts that expand preexisting liturgical chants so that each syllable of the new text corresponds to one note of the preexisting melody. They thus introduce new meanings in the context of the liturgy and are stylistically akin to other devotional genres of the time. By delving into the political, literary, and artistic history of the region, the book places the repertory of prosulas in the cultural context that created it. The book will have a companion website that includes a complete edition and commentary.