Appointed as Digital Strategist, Public Books


Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows

PhD field of study

PhD, English, Harvard University

Position Description

Public Books (PB) is an online review of arts and ideas that blends humanities journalism with free live events. Founded in 2012 and located in New York City, their mission is to deliver knowledge to a general public hungry for informed discussion of serious ideas. Public Books provides the public with accessible, thoughtful reflections on contemporary books and the issues they raise, and enables scholars to translate their expertise into writing that engages a broad, diverse, and lively public.

The Digital Strategist will work with the Editors in Chief and Managing Editor to design and implement a social media strategy for increasing the PB audience, promoting PB, and amplifying PB's impact. In this role, the ACLS Public Fellow will help organize live events, maintain regular contact with publicists and editors at presses, and form new collaborations with publications and cultural institutions. The incumbent will also have editorial duties related to expanding readership: these will include identifying books for review, commissioning reviews, helping to expand the roster of contributors, editing contributions, and proposing ideas for new forms of digital book reviewing that leverage the affordances of the online format.