Revitalizing Community Engagement Humanities Projects (Host Institution: Northern Arizona University)


ACLS Sustaining Public Engagement Grants




This proposal supports the revitalization of two undergraduate projects of the Sustainable Communities program at Northern Arizona University: Community-University Public Inquiry, and the Community Engagement Minor. Each program has a history of high-impact public engagement that gives students valuable experience in community-based research and organizing, helps strengthen democratic participation, and enables underresourced community partners to benefit from university research capabilities. Students work with a range of partner organizations to address issues including climate justice, racial equity, public health, immigrant inclusion, housing affordability, and equitable food systems. Both programs have been significantly and adversely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The revitalization project allows an increased number of graduate students to serve as mentors for undergraduate researchers, and also supports several community partner organizations. Local community partners include the Northern Arizona Interfaith Council, the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals, St. Mary’s Food Bank, Grand Canyon Trust, and the City of Flagstaff.