Appointed to The Hurston/Wright Foundation for the project “Measuring Success and Charting Our Future.”


ACLS Leading Edge Fellowships

PhD field of study

PhD, Philanthropic Studies, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Position Description

Thirty years ago, the Hurston/Wright Foundation started as a space to nurture Black writers and to foster and encourage their voices and craft. Since then, the foundation has created a thriving pipeline of writers who center Black culture and experiences in the literary art they create. Headquartered in Washington, DC, the foundation conducts writing workshops, master classes, public readings, and writing competitions. The Leading Edge Fellow will join Hurston/Wright’s team as the Research and Evaluation Manager, and use data, research, performance metrics, personal narratives, and qualitative and quantitative data analysis to promote racial justice and equity in the literary arts. The fellow will focus on developing a series of benchmark, evaluation, and performance management tools that help Hurston/Wright to document industry best practices, assess the Foundation’s value and competitive edge, track its progress in meeting core program objectives, and strengthen organizational capacity though the development of a three-year program plan. This research will help deepen public support for Black literary organizations and strengthen the case for funding our work.