Appointed as Researcher/Advocate, Human Rights Watch


Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows

PhD field of study

PhD, Sociology, University of Sussex

Position Description

Human Rights Watch (HRW) is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world. It stands with victims and activists to prevent discrimination, to uphold political freedom, to protect people from inhumane conduct in wartime, and to bring offenders to justice. It investigates and exposes human rights violations and hold abusers accountable, challenging governments and those who hold power to end abusive practices and respect international human rights law, and enlisting the public and the international community to support the cause of human rights for all. HRW operates in approximately 40 countries and its rigorous, objective investigations and strategic, targeted advocacy build intense pressure for action and raise the cost of human rights abuse. The Researcher/Advocate is a member of the Refugee Division of Human Rights Watch and will focus on violations of the rights of refugee and asylum seekers in Western Europe. Responsibilities include: monitoring human rights developments in various countries; conducting on-site investigations; drafting reports on human rights conditions; and engaging in advocacy aimed at publicizing and curtailing human rights violations.