Eviction and Children: Locked Out and Left Behind


Mellon/ACLS Community College Faculty Fellowships




Eviction is more commonplace than homelessness among children in the United States, yet there is minimal scholarship about the long-term devastating effects of housing insecurity on the well-being of children. This research is a mixed-methods approach using community eviction data and interviews with children ages 8-13 in Dayton, Ohio. The goal is to bring children's lived experiences and voices with eviction to academe and the broader community through a yearlong public sociology project to increase community awareness. Activities include hosting a national exhibit on the problem of eviction, supporting a community storytelling and dialogue to create a book, and produce a documentary on childhood eviction and housing insecurity. This public project and research supports efforts towards more child-centered housing policies in the United States and adds to the larger global discussion on children's rights.