Appointed as Fellow, Women, Peace, and Security, Chicago Council on Global Affairs


Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows

PhD field of study

PhD, Political Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Position Description

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs is an independent, nonpartisan membership organization that provides insight—and influences the public discourse—on critical global issues. It convenes leading global voices, conduct independent research, and engage the public to explore ideas that will shape our global future. The Chicago Council works to identify opportunities for US leadership in advancing global food security and nutrition and alleviating poverty through agricultural development. In 2009, it published a report that provided a blueprint for the Obama Administration’s USAID global food security initiative, Feed the Future. Since then, the Council has convened business, policy, scientific, and civil society leaders for task forces examining US farm policy; the nexus between nutrition, health, and the food system; the impact of climate change on food production; the role of research and technology; and food system transformations necessary to feed an urbanizing world. The primary responsibility of the Global Food and Agriculture Fellow is to work with the Global Food and Agriculture Program (“GFAP”) team to develop policy-focused research, writing, and public education outreach on best policies and practices for a broad audience, including national governments and international organizations.