In Love, Celebration, and Solidarity: Janice Mirikitani & Cecil Williams' Afro-Asian Activism and Practice of Third World Liberation Theology at Glide Memorial Church


ACLS HBCU Faculty Grants


African American Studies


“In Love, Celebration, and Solidarity” is a political biography that illuminates the intimate lives of Rev. Cecil Williams and Janice Mirikitani alongside the many movements they were active within, their evolving political ideologies, and life-long quest of being in solidarity with marginalized people, particularly Black and Asian American communities across San Francisco. Overall, this book project argues that Williams and Mirkitani have sustained a commitment to Afro-Asian solidarity through their practice of Third World liberation theology at Glide Memorial Church. Furthermore, the book underscores the “intimacies of solidarity-building” in its analysis of Williams and Mirikitani’s marriage, partnership, and camaraderie.