Copper King in Central Africa: Rhokana/Rokana Corporation, 1928-1991


African Humanities Program Postdoctoral Fellowships


International Studies Group (ISG)


The proposed book is a detailed account of the corporate history of the Rhokana/Rokana Corporation and its Nkana mine between 1928 and 1991. It analyses three themes: corporate organisation, labour relations, and profitability in Rhokana/Rokana's history, which have previously been considered separately. Both an investment firm on the Copperbelt and a mining company through Nkana mine, the Corporation was central to the development and profitability of the copper industry in Zambia. Its corporate and labour policies influenced the Copperbelt as a whole. Employing the largest labour force in the mining sector, its Nkana mine spearheaded the labour movement on the Copperbelt. Nkana was also the largest producer of copper in Zambia between 1940 and 1953, and contributed significantly to the war economies of Britain and the United States of America. The proposed monograph stresses the contribution of Rhokana/Nkana to the local, regional, and global political economy.