Amazigh Cinema in North Africa and the Diaspora: Finding A Newfound Voice for a Pan-Amazigh Identity


Mellon/ACLS Community College Faculty Fellowships


Education and Language Acquisition


The project investigates Amazigh visual narratives and focuses on the newfound voice about Amazigh people in North Africa and the diaspora and brings to light Amazigh film production. While there is no consensus on the existence of an Amazigh cinema, a transnational Amazigh cinema is on the verge of blossoming, thus addressing the fragmented representation of Amazigh characters and shifting position from a marginalized status to the presence in national and international artistic arenas. A new generation of filmmakers is constructing new discourses and expressing opposing voices. The project attempts to make sense of the critical aspects of Amazigh filmmaking—through the eyes of six filmmakers—and the artistic and political principles underlying its very existence.