Ordering and Combination of Verbal Affixes in Runyakitara


African Humanities Program Postdoctoral Fellowships


Department of Linguistics, English Language Studies and Communication Skills


The study examines how morphological and phonological features of a verb root and verb extensions influence the order and combination of verbal suffixes in Runyakitara. Using a blend of affix order theories in Bantu languages and cross-linguistic analytical approach, the study demonstrates how the different conjugations fit together to form coherent stems. The study draws its data from the existing Runyakitara text corpora, and speech data elicited from interviews with monolingual Runyakitara speakers. The study yields significant insights into the underlying phonological and morphological rules that trigger affix ordering in Runyakitara, a basis for building new theoretical frameworks for the examination of suffix ordering and combinability in Bantu languages in particular and linguistics in general.