Mapping Patterns and Consraint Interaction in Anaañ and Efik Reduplicative Constructions


African Humanities Program Postdoctoral Fellowships


Linguistics and Nigerian Languages


During morphological operations, segmental and pitch phonemes do have their make-up modified due to morphophonemic interactions. In such operations, reduplicated phonological strings may be constrained to map identically, non-identically, or with partial identity; obey or disobey prosodic patterns like trochaic or iambic feet, and undergo or fail to undergo some alternations. This study will seek to specify the mapping patterns in Anaañ and Efik reduplication. The objectives will be to: (i) account for the patterns of phonological correspondence in Anaañ and Efik segmental and prosodic units during reduplication; (ii) explore the patterns of phonological alternations during Anaañ and Efik reduplication; (iii) establish the tonal behaviour in Anaañ and Efik reduplicative constructions; (iv) attempt a reclassification of complete reduplication in Anaañ and Efik; and (v) do a comparative description of the Anaañ and Efik Prosodic Morphology based on the interaction of constraints in their reduplicative constructions.