Na Lei Poina 'Ole (Beloved Children Never Forgotten): Preparing a Digital Resource on the History of Child Institutionalization in Hawai'i


ACLS Digital Justice Seed Grants


Our project aims to create a digital resource that would provide more information on the history of boarding schools in Hawai?i. The ultimate goal of the digital resource is helping Native Hawaiians learn and reckon with this history as part of larger efforts towards challenging colonialism, addressing intergenerational trauma, and restoring relationships with the land. The ?olelo no?eau (Hawaiian phrase for wise saying or proverb) that inspires the title of our project, is: “He lei poina ?ole ke keiki,” meaning, “a child is like a lei never forgotten.” We believe that reweaving the stories of these children, and making them truly “poina ?ole,” or not forgotten, is essential in crafting more just futures for children in Hawai?i today.